Submissive Ebony GFE Escort in London

Since June 2018, but it seems like yesterday as it’s flown by. I’ve learnt a lot but am still learning ‘on the job’. I have greatly improved certain skills and forged connections with some lovely friends. Thank you for asking, fictional interviewer!

It’s hardly the most interesting of activities to be honest and if I were to create a pastime it would be more interesting than that! Acrobat, stylist to the stars, athlete…these would be far more exciting shoes to walk in.

Professional men aged 35 plus. I am very much attracted to mature kind gentlemen who are polite, well spoken, (can converse not a particular accent, I’m not ‘posh’ at all) and have good manners; of course I am the same.

They are generous in nature, experienced, confident for a good reason and have stamina! Those who are polite, normal, professional, smell delicious and with a filthy gleam in their eyes are my favourite. I have a tendency to favour those looking for an ongoing friendship and not to keen on fly by nights. I find being detailed and personable attracts the former and deters the latter.

Completely. I have to say that very few, in fact a minute amount of potential lovers actually read any details about me. I’m naturally unnatracted anyone who doesn’t put some thought into who they potentially will be spending private time with.

The ideal way is sending an introductory email with a time, date and screening information. I don’t have a lot of spare time so without this information I’m afraid I cannot respond.

My first love is the ‘girlfriend experience’ as I delight in giving and receiving pleasure. It comes easily to me. That’s not to say that I find being submissive unenjoyable, on the contrary, but only with a gentleman I have met before. In an initial encounter I found it personally unsettling. If we’ve met then please note that I am excellent at role play! The only ‘PSE’ skill I have is oral. Not going into detail though you’ll have to experience it in person! I do not provide anal sex as it’s very painful for me. Tried it and can live without it quite easily! Threesomes or moresomes aren’t my cup of tea, vanilla with a very naughty twist is all.

If you’re squeamish about women’s body parts and don’t enjoy kissing, giving and receiving oral or deadly afraid you will catch a disease from a companion, it’s best we don’t meet. I love gentlemen who are gregarious, warm, friendly, and enjoy conversation during our time together. If you’re not interested in connecting in this way, I’d suggest finding another companion.

Yes please, so clean you actually squeak! This is non-negotiable and an encounter without a gentleman having a shower has never happened. Cleanliness is next to…afterall. I always provide mouthwash, handgel, and male toiletries and you are more than welcome to shower again before you leave.

I’m sure this question is me stating “I would adore a gift!” Whoever asks that question? Anyway I love suprises, anything you choose to bestow upon me will be gratefully received and rewarded.

I host incalls in 4/5* star hotels or apartments in Central London. They are always large, busy and discrete and a short walking distance to an underground station.

Born and raised in beautifully ugly London. My heritage is African, Middle Eastern and South East Asian. I was brought up in a wonderfully ‘vibrant’ part of London. I would love to introduce you to hidden restaurants, (that beat michelin starred ones hands down!) authentic delicatessens and tiny galleries hidden away in salubrious areas. Concluded with the most passionate encounter of course!

Long term to work for myself, perhaps as a consultant in the field I’m studying. I have had various part time jobs and am very grateful for the financial ease this world has given me. A few years ago I was signed with a modeling agency and have plans to return this summer, but as an independent. I can choose which castings to attend based on where images will be used. I have great need to make sure my academic, career and companionship realms never meet. This is why I am very careful with social media and who I meet in this world. Discretion is vital to me.

Submissive Ebony GFE Escort in London


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