Touch Me.

Elite GFE Ebony Escort in London

Only some gentlemen step into my world. A fraction stay.

To discover you intimately is a true pleasure of mine. To be sexually open and comfortable together is possible when I make you feel so. This is why I place a lot of importance on who I meet. I value a suitor’s personality, needs and desires and want to bring into my world those that value mine. Being free to be ‘myself’ during our time together you’ll leave satiated by guilt free pleasure, wondering what just happened and planning when we can make it happen again.

Are you ready for a luxuriously satisfying escape?

Do send an introductory email to You’ll have gathered that I’m not at all succinct, so do give me something that’s more than a line but a little less than your autobiography.  

Evolving to viewing companionship as a delicious ‘nice to have’ rather than a ‘must have’,  I have chosen to focus more on career and academic opportunities outside of divine naughtiness.  

Having honed my already excellent carnal skills over this past year but to the detriment of other traditionally useful ones, my availability is now limited to a few days a month. As such, I am extremely particular about the suitors I see and forge an ongoing arrangement with.

The gentlemen I meet may come (!) once, perhaps twice or become an exclusive admirer; whatever the case may be, to become my lover, you’ll have some fairly distinct traits.

You know who you are and what you want.  A woman with personality and passion, sealed with ambitions and drive alongside being a most deliciously ‘mischievous’ companion is a woman after your own heart. 

Thank you to all the lovers I have met who have taken the time to introduce themselves properly and schedule a date. I don’t think you realise how rare you are. Respect, good manners and charm are the keys to ensuring you ‘touch me’.  Why are such traits so important to me? Well, I’ve learnt that anticipation, respect, and maturity do create the most exquisitely indecent intimate moments.

I can’t imagine feeling passionate and sensual in the company of someone who doesn’t think about who they’re going to meet and doesn’t appreciate the need for my discretion and the importance of my safety and security.

 I only see gentlemen who are happy to screen and in person demonstrate the characteristics their communication suggested.  A disconnect between the image and the reality transpires both ways in this world!

Sticking to this rule has ensured experiencing new places and spaces alongside many fun, slightly filthy but always orgasmic bedroom adventures!

* I much prefer to meet gentleman who do not hold odd prejudices, express personal embarrassment, or give long winded justifications or explanations for playing. To be frank, it’s really weird. Own it and enjoy it! *

 I hope to start my new adventure with you soon. 

Kio x



High praise indeed...

Please be aware that you'll be singing, rather loudly, from the same hymn sheet.

‘So good! Kio is gorgeous, delicious and hilarious. Fantastic in the true sense, intense in the best sense’

‘Created to satisfy the intense animalistic carnal lust, needs and desires of man. Classily filthy is right..’

Absolutely lives up to the hype! A very sexy and passionate lady with beauty and brains.A truly memorable experience – totally recommend Kio!’

‘Kio is beautiful, sexy, model looking, witty, confident, skilful, fun and engaging. GFE experience with a twist! Left feeling on top of the world!’

‘Beautiful, witty, funny & incredibly sexy. A skilled passionate & sensual partner that will take you to new levels of pleasure. Highly addictive!!!’

‘Tall, slim, beautiful, sophisticated, well spoken.Dazzling smile. Mind blowing lips. Hurricane of passion. Made me enjoy every minute of it. Best sex ever!’

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I always play safe

I am extremely careful with my sexual health and well aware of what constitutes risky sexual behaviour.  I have regular checks, as should we all. Life is short, why take the risk to lead an unhealthy one?  Fortunately, only a small minority of gentlemen have exhibited traits of wanting to play ‘fast and loose’ with their sexual health.  I most certainly do not. 

 Gentlemen demonstrating, or indeed, even hinting at wanting uncovered penetration along with other unsafe sexual contact will immediately bring our meeting to a swift end!  Such behaviour is not kept to myself so as to protect other companions.


Elite GFE Ebony Escort in London

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