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Elite GFE Ebony Escort in London

Many gentlemen hope to step into my world. Only a fraction get invited in.

Are you ready for a luxuriously satisfying escape?

Then do send an introductory email to [email protected] Do include all of the following: 

Your full legal name 

Your employment information. LinkedIn profile, work title and email or a reference from an independent, verifiable escort. 

Please include their website and contact information and inform them of your request.

A selection of dates and times. 

Please do keep in mind that my availability is incredibly limited and I only get the opportunity to see new suitors a few times a month.

My preferred method of contact is the form below.  Please fill it out completely. If you don’t hear back from me, please check your spam folder as Protonmail emails often turns up here!


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* A £50 deposit is necessary to secure an appointment. This is non refundable and not set against the donation for my time.

High praise indeed...

Please be aware that you'll be singing, rather loudly, from the same hymn sheet.

‘So good! Kio is gorgeous, delicious and hilarious. Fantastic in the true sense, intense in the best sense’

‘Created to satisfy the intense animalistic carnal lust, needs and desires of man. Classily filthy is right..’

‘Absolutely lives up to the hype! A very sexy and passionate lady with beauty and brains.A truly memorable experience – totally recommend Kio!’

‘Kio is beautiful, sexy, model looking, witty, confident, skilful, fun and engaging. GFE experience with a twist! Left feeling on top of the world!’

‘Beautiful, witty, funny & incredibly sexy. A skilled passionate & sensual partner that will take you to new levels of pleasure. Highly addictive!!!’

‘Tall, slim, beautiful, sophisticated, well spoken.Dazzling smile. Mind blowing lips. Hurricane of passion. Made me enjoy every minute of it. Best sex ever!’

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I always play safe

I am extremely careful with my sexual health and well aware of what constitutes risky sexual behaviour.  I have regular checks, as should we all. Life is short, why take the risk to lead an unhealthy one?  Fortunately, only a small minority of gentlemen have exhibited traits of wanting to play ‘fast and loose’ with their sexual health.  I most certainly do not. 

 Gentlemen demonstrating, or indeed, even hinting at wanting uncovered penetration along with other unsafe sexual contact will immediately bring our meeting to a swift end!  Such behaviour is not kept to myself so as to protect other companions.


Elite GFE Ebony Escort in London


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