Bespoke Trysts

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

Encounters and meets, in and out of the sheets.

Erotically, my preferences run from sweet-as-vanilla-pie to sweetly submissive – with plenty of wiggle room. While I’ll never knock it ‘til I’ve tried it, I know what I like and am not afraid to say it – firmly, in fine detail. I play well with friends and I’m adventurous, responsive and flexible.

I believe all wonderful encounters start with us both feeling comfortable to explore our desires. Communication is crucial, as are shared experiences to set our pulses racing before we get to the main event.

When it comes to great eateries, I’ve got more recommendations than TripAdvisor and know the more characterful parts of London like the back of my hand. Let me take the lead and curate a one-of-a-kind date. Or, if you’d prefer, outline what you have in mind and let’s build a heavenly meeting together.

A Luscious Lunch-£900

A three-hour encounter. You know when you get seated next to a couple who either stare blankly at one another in silence or have nothing to exchange but nervous giggles? Yeah – that won’t be us. Don’t expect a shrinking violet. As a multifaceted young woman, I am sassy, flirty, sophisticated yet filthy-minded. In other words, the perfect date.By the end of the meeting, you’ll be wondering why they don’t make ‘em like me anymore.

Delectable Dinner with Heavenly Afters-£1200

Extend the fun to four hours. Start with an hour or two of getting to know each other, plus another few spent truly getting under each other’s skin. Raised in a more ‘vibrant’ part of the city, I’d love to show you my London – those tiny restaurants, buzzing bars and family-run delis you’ve been let to believe don’t exist here anymore.

You can keep your Michelin stars! Dinner will begin with laughter over drinks and end with a sweet, caramel treat in bed. For this kind of date, please give me a few days notice so I can make sure I have time to arrange my time and provide you my undivided attention.

Ready to arrange our date?

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

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