Bespoke Trysts

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

Encounters and meets, in and out of the sheets.

“Life, is about contrast” I like a balance of occasional short and sweet, hot and dirty meets, interlaced with traditional companionship dates. I’ve found that sharing experiences and creating memories outside of the bedroom wonderfully enhances the erotic exploits that take place within it. Becoming someone’s sometime lover, spending time in bed then exploring London’s varied restaurants and venues before retiring to bed is a heavenly escapade. I do however, strongly recommend when choosing to meet, it doesn’t begin in my, or your, hotel room. There’s a strong possibility we won’t make it out. It has happened.

A Luscious Lunch-£700

A three hour tryst. As a multi faceted young woman, I am funny, sexy, beautiful, annoying, vulgar and sophisticated. The perfect date. There’s nothing worse than being seated next to a couple and noticing they don’t speak or one of them literally can’t speak but just giggles, or their conversation is so painfully boring it’s not even worth eavesdropping on. Except being one half of that couple I guess. That’s not us by the way. We’ll have an hour of flirting, teasing and double entrendes in public, culminating in two hours of furiously bringing the words to life in private.

Delectable Dinner with Heavenly Afters-£800

A four hour encounter. Let’s begin with an hour or two of us getting to know each other, before two hours of ‘knowing’ in the biblical sense. Show me yours and I’ll show you my, London. Raised in a ‘vibrant’ part of town, I’d love to introduce you to hidden restaurants, (that beat michelin starred ones hands down) and tiny delicatessans quietly nestling in salubrious areas. Concluded with the most satisfying caramel sweet treat. Me. Do please give me two week’s notice for dinner dates so I can move things around in ‘normal’ life.

What to include in a ‘Kio parcel’

Anything you decide. I love being surprised and spoiled. Love it. The unexpected part of this work has been meeting the giving gentlemen who treat me as they do a ‘normal’ date. I’ve found a very delicious way to support myself. Thank you kindly dear sirs.

Ready to meet?


Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

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