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All Natural Ebony Escort London

Describe yourself

A hard task! I’m an uncommon mix of sensuality, skill, beauty, and kindness. The saying ‘Mistaking beauty for goodness’ is a misnomer. Beautiful doesn’t always equal the heartless, intimidating, bland or vacuous.  I’m vivacious, intoxicating and temptingly addictive.  Aside from shameless boasting, in person I’m incredibly warm and welcoming.  I’m certain I’ll make you feel open, relaxed, and able to express your desires.


Well, I’ve found it a delicious way to support myself, learn business skills and life experience whilst I find my feet in the world. I have future plans and eventually ‘Kio’ will be  placed in a box.  I am always amazed at and inspired by the interesting, thoughtful and  generous people I  have met, on both sides of this world.

Do you screen?

Yes I do. I only want to share my world with those suitors who value my needs, desires, and comfort.  Screening is necessary to ensure that we can both be fully open, comfortable and intimate with one another. Ongoing successful relationships and having friends that I genuinely look forward to seeing again and again have been the greatest treasure I’ve found in this life.


A classic and understated one. I favour my looks and poise to draw glances, only wearing bodycon or tight dresses in environments where others will be wearing the same. If you are looking for a flashy and overtly sexily dressed young lady then I’m afraid that isn’t me at all. I am extremely discrete in my manners, and conduct. I would describe my style as elegant and sophisticated when needed and subtly sexy when necessary.

To be continued...

For now, I suggest you read all I have written here and we meet!


Thoughtful gifts.

Thoughtful people.

Some aspects of political science and economic history.

Architecture. London is a beautiful and ugly city, a living contradiction of glass and steel attempting to hide stubborn Georgian and Edwardian features.

Beauty in all its forms.

The creation of myths and their reproduction.


The story of Chantal Biya. She is my spirit animal.


Dining.   My favourite restaurant is Social Eating House in Soho. Before I had the pleasure of being taken here I considered English ‘cuisine’ to be an outright lie. My apologies.




The bland, safe, mundane and humourless. 

Narcissists and boasters.

People who take themselves seriously, have bad manners and are unkind. 


I am not a  fan of being around people who use Illicit substances and I very rarely drink alcohol. Heavy drinkers and ‘party people’, we won’t fit.

All Natural Ebony Escort London


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