Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

First things first...would I make a good graphic designer?

* Really quick blog to say bye, had a crazy night at High Water in East so a bit wobbly, so there will be grammar mistakes and spelling mistakes and probably won’t make too much sense or have any type of theme.  Read at your peril!  Will be tidied up when I return!*

Would I make a great graphic designer? Of course!  Had I created the above ‘Bohemian nights meet summer daze’ graphola with my own fair hands but actually, just a case of using a simple free app.  Isn’t technology marvellous?   As you can see my new portfolio is done and only accomplished over six hours! I adore the the final edits as  fashion and posing is a forte of mine!  A gentleman did say that they are  ‘sophisticated, sexy, beautiful and unique – very Kio in fact!’  Completely true. 

Clothing, poses and props all instigated by me. Seriously there are some involving a faux African statue and a pink tinsel background.  Why not be fun! I mean this whole world is slightly ridiculous sometimes! Truly unedited, you can see my stretch marks and nipple bumps but realism and body-positivity in the fashion industry is in.  Have you seen (probably not) that some retailers are using more realistic and less photoshopped photos?  I think only a few women don’t have stretch marks or wobbly bits.  Love seeing ASOS et al showcasing real bodies in ads.  About time! Oh and yes some slightly risque, and ever so slightly btw, edits will be put on a page when I return and only for the eyes of very regular friends.  

Burnout baby!

Too much of a good thing can still be bad for you!  Lovely clients, lovely sex, lovely experiences but with other work?…Just two days a week is waay too much.  Not really helped by former brief clients contacting me and crediting me with their intelligence, middle aged gentleman not knowing simple rules of sexual safety, the sound of my work phone ringing accidentally when out for drinks and the sheer panic I felt 😉 My goodness.


 I’m off completely for a month. Totally off the grid.  Be nice to see another culture, society, people…to make me feel more grateful for what I have and how fortunate I’ve been so far, generally.  A good friend did say I’ll either come back and leave or come back and do even more days!  Have decided one day a week and other dates whenever.  I am really over the hotel thing, so boring and with summer finally here going to have more social and dintimate (spelling mistake I’m keeping dinner/intimate…gettit?) dates. 

To my lovely clients, with perfect manners, skills and know me well…thank you!

See you on the other side…maybe?

Kio x

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

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