Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

Farewell gifts, bargain pastries and a Kio in a sheer dress.

Dear reader, if you are here through ‘knowing’ me on Adultwork, then I’m sure you know what comes next.  An assortment of ramblings and thinly disguised promotion all thrown into a single blog post!  If we haven’t been carnally introduced, do read some of my previous blogs for context.  The site is definitely NSFW but despite the interface, I promise it won’t give you a virus.  Context is everything as I can be a touch vulgar, occasionally swear and faithfully stray off the beaten path.  In my defence, I always separate my musings into sections.  I’m thoughtful like that.  There is no point in shrouding my wonderfully enthusiastic entrance into the world of companionship,  cutting my teeth, honing already considerable skills (but to the detriment of others) and besides, my learning style is chalk and talk plus learning by doing. I certainly enjoyed the doing!  Whilst you’re over there, you may as well read my feedback (blatant self promotion…moi?) and have a wander around the site.  You’ll find a London escort for all seasons!  See, I said I was thoughtful.

“Talk data to me”

A sentence I never would have imagined whispering, my voice hoarse with desire, to anyone whilst in the throes of passion.  Companionship is a varied world!  Those that know me, know I like to think I have a sense of humour.  Sex as an act is usually quite pleasant, squishy, noisy, sweaty and there is the ever present threat of it taking a potentially embarrassing turn!  Fabulous sex then, has to involve a sense of humour.  To twist Woody (why on earth isn’t he cancelled?) Allan’s oft quoted…umm…quote, ‘Sex without humour is an awkward experience, but as far as awkward experiences go, it’s pretty damn good’. With me of course.  So, ‘talk data to me’ was whispered to a new lover and I can truly say, hand on heart, please bring on the nerds! Nerds most certainly do it extremely well.  So dirty!  Or perhaps I’m more vanilla then I thought?  Not that I make notes or compare and contrast lover’s performances based upon their occupation.  That would be a little too strange, even for me.


My almost one year anniversary of being an ‘independent companion’ has and continues to teach me quite a lot regarding the types of clients I encounter and my whole system of working.  I realise this ‘whole world’ has it’s own rules, systems and experiences that are universal to all independent escorts.  One thing that continues to surprise me is the saying of one thing but actually meaning the opposite displayed by a tiny minority of clients. If it’s a tiny minority then why mention it?  Well at heart I am an open, accommodating person who treats clients with respect and take them at face value. When this isn’t reciprocated it’s disappointing but a lesson learned.  As with all aspects of my life, I do not do one way streets.  Neither should you.  Truly, for my peace of mind, some things have had to give and am now finding myself much more relaxed and happy!

When I first began I thought most gentlemen didn’t screen and receiving a deposit seemed an impossible task reserved only for the ‘elite companions’ at the top of the tree.  What I didn’t fully understand was that there are different kinds of ‘gentleman callers’ and I was only being exposed to one kind. Thankfully, this has changed through evolving my ‘work’ to one that suits me.  I realise I am extremely fortunate to currently live this life as I do and that others might not have the safety nets that catch me during quiet periods. I can spend afternoons taking fuzzy photos (exhibit A top left) on my ancient phone or revising (napping) in a hotel room. I am also determined to climb that damn ‘high class escort’ tree, one branch at a time!

As I’ve blathered on for longer than I hoped and taken an unexpected negative turn,  now follows three brief paragraphs (fingers crossed) explaining the rest of my photos!

Genteel poverty, gentrification resistant neighbourhoods and their abundance of inexpensive cakes!

I have found the most lovely Italian café in a most unlovely neighbourhood. Please zoom in on the pocket friendly prices.  Cake and dessert heaven. Not the only plus.  I can sit and observe the two middle aged, okay one middle aged and one elderly, pâtissiers hard at work behind a glass partition while I sip my coffee and eat said cakes.  Hmm, coffee and pastry tryst anyone? Unfortunately, there are no hotels in the local vicinity and I really have looked.

I stan an exotic queen who created the most wonderful highlighters with minuscule particles.

Making cosmetics is a science. My face is a work of art. You’ll just have to take my word for it if we haven’t met. It’s only fitting that these two wondrous realms collided and I was gifted a gorgeous Fenty beauty set to take with me on my travels. I mean, you can simultaneously despair at the state of the world and wear a perfectly painted face can’t you?

I also stan a man with exceedingly good cakes, I mean taste!

All my clients are my favourites.  Like a mother who claims to not have a favourite child, there is enough warmth in my heart to adore all of them equally. But maybe some more equally than others…I jest!

Well, as I’m away for the month of May to an extremely hot, emerging and ever so slightly dangerous tiny country, I received the most fabulous pair of sunglasses in which to despair behind. So fabulous I have to hide them.  I think I’m the only person I know who has to pretend that my accessories are fake.  “Of course you can borrow my bag…that belt? Sure!…You squashed my handbag a bit?…It’s okay..,” *cries inside very loudly*.

And on that note, this blog ends as I’m a little sleepy and have to find my kittens.  A companion’s life is not always staying at 5* star hotels, dinner dates and attended to by the most ardent of unfurry suitors!

These pretty little kittens are sooo cute. They scatter and hide whenever I’m in the living room,  but as soon as I bring out my laptop, out they come scampering all over my keyboard!  I will put a photo of them up on my twitter, when I get around to tweeting.  Joining twitter as someone who detests social media is simply a symbol of my contrary nature by the way.   A client did mention it as a convenient way to ‘perve’ at escorts so let my backpedalling commence!

Love and light my loves,

Kio x

Strangely enough, blogging on my site makes me want to be less vulgar!  Change indeed!Th

Ebony Dinner Date Companion in London

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