A Woman Less Ordinary.

All Natural Ebony Escort in London

You were lured here by curiosity, a taste for the forbidden. A longing for something or someone.

Needing a sinfully satisfying addition to your life, you want to taste the exotic, exquisitely indecent and experience the truly authentic.  You know who you are and what you want. An intriguing, unique, sometime lover.  

An uncommon mix of sensuality, skill, beauty, kindness. The saying ‘Mistaking beauty for goodness’ is a misnomer. Beautiful doesn’t always equal the heartless, intimidating, bland or vacuous.  I’m vivacious, intoxicating and temptingly addictive.  Aside from shameless boasting, in person I’m incredibly warm and welcoming.  Certain to make you feel open and relaxed, able to express your desires, promising an incredibly mutually satisfying time will soon follow.

Sexual intelligence, natural passion, sealed with character, ambitions and drive alongside being a most deliciously ‘mischievous’ companion is one way I’d describe myself.  Another is, a woman after your own heart. 

Why repress hidden lusts, desires and needs, as though they don’t matter. They do, which is why I’ve found you.

Appreciating my lovers’ personalities, traits and passions, I want to share my world with those that value mine. Embracing frenzied and passionate fleeting moments, lusciously sensual longer liaisons, I’m not easily forgotten. 

Memories of seemingly civilised dates with the promise of descending into a delicious chaos of laughter, touches, strokes, tongues, teasing and exploring in private, have kept me in this world. 

Creating them with me will keep you here.

Companionship is a most fulfilling secret slice of my life where I savour delicious pleasure. Free to be ‘me’ when we’re together, you’ll leave consumed by guilt free pleasure, wondering what just happened and yearning to make it happen again.

I want your mouth to water at thoughts of us intertwined whenever notions of pleasure, lightness and joy enter your mind.

All Natural Ebony Escort in London

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Behind the text and visuals there is always someone.

Academia skills us in ‘delicate plagiarising’, but to wear someone else’s skin or pour forth someone else’s words is a pointless endeavour. I’m always me because ‘everybody else is taken’.

Having gleefully revelled in being led astray by older gentlemen, (though I wonder who was leading whom?) and gifted with an intrinsic sexual nature, ardour and striking beauty,  becoming a glorious sultry enchantress was a natural progression.

My ambition is to continue feeding my avid need for academic and erotic exploration, new adventures, people and spaces for as long as possible.  I seek out those with life experience and a sense of spirit. Kindness, humour, generosity, sophistication and of course, a sense of respect and perfect manners are qualities I cherish.

Forever pulled to the forbidden and unconventional, my tastes are a jumbled mixture of sexual exploration, desire and being desired, chasing excitement and pleasure, shameless public flirting and slightly cruel teasing, neglected Victorian horror, acid jazz and the futility of politics, absolutely everywhere.

Beautiful food found in unexpected places, days and nights in spots on the cusp of pretentiousness, thrift shops and luxury. Dapper generous suitors with a true sense of adventure and wonderfully perverted minds are a few of my diversions.

Forging shared experiences, realising fantasies and intimacy is a wonderful reciprocal gift. Ongoing relationships with those I want to see again and again are the greatest treasures I’ve discovered.

This principle has meant experiencing the most fulfilling of meetings and creating unforgettable connections. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m unlike anyone you’ve ever met.

I'm a very proud contrarian.

Naughty and nice, sophisticated yet slightly filthy, exhilarating and always adventure seeking. Your fallen angel with a wickedly impure mind.

A smart as hell Russell group student with a penchant for a devilish silver fox in a suit, pretty shiny things, carnal pleasures and downright naughtiness. 

Being a companion isn’t a full time pursuit, meaning I’ll be eager to hone my seduction skills on you when we meet. I’m not a ‘student’ companion who is mysteriously always around. What you see, or more accurately, read here, is who will tempt you in the flesh.

Though when we meet, we could always have a meeting of minds if you prefer. I do suspect that intense heated discussions won’t be the first thing on your mind when we meet. Intense, heated, steamy and wet, something else perhaps?

Equally as ditzy as I am ‘book’ smart, I’m known to draw looks upon proclaiming an unusually profound or undeniably dumb statement. Often not knowing which! 

Smart, with a terrible sense of humour, I’m kind-hearted, (arguably) funny and from the confines of our rumpled sheets will whisper the most filthy commands to you in a strong estuary accent. Unpretentious, my tongue is often in my cheek, multi-faceted, sharp tongued, slightly annoying…a most unrivalled date!

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All Natural Ebony Escort in London

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