A Woman Less Ordinary.

All Natural Ebony Escort in London

You were lured here by curiosity and a taste for the forbidden; a longing for something or someone.

Needing a sinfully satisfying addition to your life, you want to taste the exotic, exquisitely indecent and experience the truly authentic.  You know who you are and what you want. An intriguing, unique, sometime lover.  

I’m an uncommon mix of sensuality, skill, beauty, and kindness. The saying ‘Mistaking beauty for goodness’ is a misnomer. Beautiful doesn’t always equal the heartless, intimidating, bland or vacuous.  I’m vivacious, intoxicating and temptingly addictive.  Aside from shameless boasting, in person I’m incredibly warm and welcoming.  I’m certain I’ll make you feel open, relaxed, and able to express your desires.

Sexually intelligent, naturally passionate, ambitious, and driven are words I’d use to describe myself.  You might even say I’m a woman after your own heart. My need for academic and erotic exploration, new adventures, people and spaces is insatiable, and I intend to meet these needs for as long as possible. I seek out those with life experience and a sense of spirit. Kindness, humour, generosity, sophistication and of course, a sense of respect and perfect manners are qualities I cherish. Those who truly show these traits get to enter my world fully. Whether we’re meeting for a frenzied tryst or a leisurely liaison, you’ll find I’m not easily forgotten. 

Memories of seemingly civilised dates with the promise of descending into a delicious revelry and private exploration have kept me in this world. Creating your own  memories with me will keep you here, too.

Forging shared experiences, realising fantasies and experiencing true intimacy are wonderfully reciprocal gifts. Ongoing relationships with those I’m excited to see are the greatest treasures I’ve discovered. Adhering to the principle of reciprocity means creating unforgettable connections.

I want your mouth to water at thoughts of us intertwined whenever notions of pleasure, lightness and joy enter your mind.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m unlike anyone you’ve ever met.

All Natural Ebony Escort in London

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All Natural Ebony Escort in London

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